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Our Mission

My Life Foundation is a community-driven organization to provide behavioral and mental health services for the Asian American communities through prevention education, advocacy, health promotion, public awareness programs, and referral services in order to reduce any health disparities and increase well-being and health equality.


Our Programs

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Mental Health Program

  • Youth Mental Health First Aid
  • Adult Mental Health First Aid
  • Guiding Good Choice
  • QPR Suicide Prevention
  • Substance Use Disorder Prevention

Senior Mental Health Program

  • Diabetes Self-management
  • Chronic Disease self-management

Referral Service

  • Call the My Life Foundation for help.


D. Kim

"The training and lesson I learned from the suicide prevention session aligned with many of the experiences that I have previously encountered and also taught me to realize what may have been the problem within those instances. Many realistic solutions were discussed and gave a helpful guide on what I can do as a normal person to help a person going through a mental crisis."

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