Guiding Good Choices for parent of children ages 9-14

Evidence-based, interactive prevention program that provides the families with the skills and knowledge to reduce the risk that their children will use drugs. Guiding Good Choice is not an intervention program. Parents attending the program who have a child who already has a drug problem should be referred to professional intervention and treatment services and encouraged to seek their help.

  • How to prevent Drug Use in your family: Parent lean about the nature and extend of the drug problem among teenagers and decide for themselves how they want to prevent problems in their own families.
  • How to develop Healthy Beliefs and Clear Standards: Parent develop clear family guidelines and expectations for behavior.
  • Avoiding Trouble: How to Say No to Drugs: They lean skills children can use for staying out of trouble and keeping their friends, while still having fun.
  • Managing Conflict: How to Control and Express your Anger Constructively: Parents learn to manage family conflict in a way that maintains and strengthens bonds with their children.
  • Involving Everyone: How to Strengthen Family Bonds: Parents lean ways to strengthen family bonds and increase children’s involvement in their family in their teen years.

After completing the program families will be able to:

Influence their children to help prevent drug use and other risky behaviors.

Develop clear family guidelines and expectations about drug use.

Teach children how to stay out of trouble, keep their friends and still have a good time.