Steps to Healthier Living with Chronic Pain Self-Management Program

Designed for people who have a primary or secondary diagnosis of chronic pain.

Explore new ways to manage your symptoms. Set your own goals, make a step-by-step plan to improve your health and take charge of your life!

  • Managing Symptoms and Challenges - Identify a set of problems that are common among various chronic pain conditions. Identify the Chronic Pain Symptom Cycle.
  • Exercising for Strength and Flexibility -The Moving Easy Program is an enjoyable way to safely improve your flexibility.
  • Taking Medications Appropriately – Identify between addiction and physical dependence, drug allergy and side effect, and the responsibilities regarding medication use.
  • Evaluating Treatment Options – Working with your Health Care Professional and Health Care Organization.
  • Balancing Activity and Rest – Identify negative effect of underdoing activity and of overdoing activity
  • Achieving Goals – Action Planning with Pain Self-Management Tool Box, to achieve what we want or decide to do by breaking down the activity into smaller tasks.